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"Glad Jul" Christmas Concert

Created, presented and produced by Halvor Haukerud and Motarbeider AS, the annual

Christmas Concert “GLAD JUL” was first performed in 2012. It has evolved steadily

throughout the years in both format and performers.


During the pandemic years the concert qualified for and was granted economical support from“Kulturrådet”,

the Norwegian Cultural Council of the Arts.

(Arts Council Norway is the main governmental operator for the implementation of Norwegian

cultural policy. Arts Council Norway functions as an advisory body to the central government and public sector on cultural affairs.

The Arts Council is fully financed by the Ministry of Culture.)


In 2022 the “GLAD JUL” Christmas Concert celebrated its 10-year anniversary.


For the 12th time both nationally and internationally renowned artists and performers are presented within a locally grounded framework.

Regional and local storytelling traditions and musical idiosyncrasies are conveyed by performing members as well as other contributing parties.

The primary focus of the concert is, naturally, that of Christmas, Yuletide and its musical facets. Contemporary events will however influence the

song - and lyric selection as well as the arrangements.


“GLAD JUL” aims to provide the audience with a concert of international caliber – delighting a

broader audience and inspiring local performers/cultural practitioners of all ages. Although the concert originally aimed to reach an already

musically - and culturally interested audience in the region, its target audience has grown in recent years and the arrangement has garnered

attention from a much broader group.


Throughout the years, the cast of the concert has been comprised of a variety of artists and musicians.

Generally, the artists have been asked to perform to “sum up” the year in

question and have been individuals, with whom the producer Haukerud has collaborated

with recently in other cultural and musical settings.


The concert holds an internationally high standard. The performers themselves are

individuals, to whom high artistic integrity is paramount. The production is moreover

characterized by a conscious culture of positivity as well as a solution-oriented focus, both on an individual and as a micro-community. This focus

is a conscious choice made by the producing team and has been actively cultivated throughout the years.

The producer, Haukerud, strongly believes that this sense of community and positivity is sensed by the audience and therefore enhances the

concert experience.


In the years leading up to the pandemic several young local artists were invited to perform

to gain valuable experience in collaborating with seasoned professionals.

Previous Performers

~ A selection of contributors throughout the years ~

Norwegian Producer
Motarbeider AS

Over the last 20 years, Motarbeider AS has established itself as a supplier within entertainment, edutainment and culture. Motarbeider AS mainly supplies entertainment, edutainment and seminars to state and corporate institutions and companies. The company is currently directing and

producing several concerts, shows and lectures available to the public at large.

The Company´s main focus/delivery has been the edutainment show: «Ny dag Nye nederlag! Festforedrag for flygel og flippover» (A new day, A

new possibility to fail! An out of the ordinary seminar with grand piano and flip over). The Company yearly presents between 80 and 100 shows,

aimed both at corporate institutions and a public audience. In 2021 the show received a grant from the Norwegian Council of the Arts.

The Company’s revenue in 2019, pre-covid, was approx. Norwegian Kroners 4 200 000 (equivalent to roughly USD 500,000), excluding any indirect

revenue. Revenue for 2020 is approx Norwegian Kroners 2 700 000 mill. The 2021 accounting is not yet completed.


For a small taste, here is the trailer for the virtual presentation (aimed towards an American audience) from 2020.

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