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S U P P O R T 

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Invest Confidently

Have the peace of mind to know that when you

donate to St. Croix Valley Opera your contribution will go a very long way toward uplifting your community through the arts in an unprecedented way! Please consider making a donation here!


F R I E N D S   O F


Friends of SCVO is our recurring monthly giving program. As a Friend, you can partner with SCVO in providing a financially stable future for our ongoing operating budget, educational programming, and capital expenses.


Our operational foundation is KEY in sustaining the incredible growth that SCVO has experienced during the past several years.

The "Friends of St. Croix Valley Opera Program" provides integral year-round support that allows us to meet our goals.

Here are a few of SCVO’s Operational/Educational/Capital Goals for our 2024 season:

• to upgrade our live-streaming technology to support large online events, classes, and concerts (March 2024)

• to acquire the resources and certifications necessary to launch SCVO’s formal education programs for emerging vocal artists (June 2024)

• and to operate in a fiscally responsible way regarding SCVO’s ongoing monthly vendor, contractor, digital, and employment expenses.


Become a Friend of SCVO TODAY with a recurring monthly donation of $15 or more and receive these great season benefits:

• First notification of events and concert tickets
• VIP discount codes and/or seating with select concerts, both online and in-person

• Special ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with artists and performers

• A personalized thank you from our founders, Obed and Megan and more…

We have plans in place for continued value for our Friends of SCVO; there will be future surprises to come! Remember, any donor who gives during the month of November for our “Bridge to Growth” Celebration Campaign will be added to our exclusive VIP list which gives you access to special events, our heartfelt gratitude, and the knowledge you are a part of growing something special in the St. Croix Valley community - and beyond!


Thank you for becoming a Friend of SCVO—we look forward to our partnership over the next few years!

Annual Report

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If you would like to volunteer for one of our
St. Croix Valley Opera​ events or just in general, please fill out the form below so we can be in touch!

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