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The heart of St. Croix Valley Opera lies in our dedication to our community.
Our number one goal is to bring Opera in all of its rich forms to that community through creative programming and educational opportunities.

A few of our flagship events:

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Opera on the River: This annual larger-than-life live concert in downtown Stillwater is always a crowd-pleaser. The event brings some of the industry’s top vocal talent to the region, and in 2021, included a Vocal Competition for local emerging singers!


SCVO At Home: An evening of music live-streamed and in-person on select months! Each concert features different local artists, performing selections from their repertoire, including opera, musical theatre, popular songs, and more.


SCVO Summer Vocal Institute: A multi-day intensive workshop designed to give emerging professionals more advanced performance skills training beyond what they receive in their degree programs during the school year. Intended to grow to multi-week!


Cabaret Night: Vibrant evenings filled with songs and stories as performed by some of the area’s most talented vocal artists streamed live from a setting meant to invoke the famed New York cabaret clubs. Each performance, something new!

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gain valuable experience alongside their more experienced professional colleagues, providing them with the opportunity to advance to a full professional career. We plan to sustainably bridge the arts in this region to the rest of the nation - and the entire world - in the process.

We have big plans!

With St. Croix Valley Opera's 2021 "Bridge to Growth" fundraising campaign during the month of November, we hope to raise a total of $10,000 to help us move into the 2022 season with the financial momentum to accomplish our goals. As with many, many arts organizations, SCVO’s 2020-2021 season was a financial challenge. But our future lies ahead of us now – and we have marvelous plans for it – including a full summer of activities in 2022 which consists of our Summer Vocal Institute, Vocal Competition, Performing Arts Fair, and our flagship event; Opera on the River, just to name a few.

If you support SCVO with a donation in any amount during our November "Bridge to Growth" Celebration Campaign, you will be added to our exclusive VIP list, which gives you access to special events, our heartfelt gratitude, and the knowledge you are a part of growing something special in the St. Croix Valley community - and beyond! In addition, if you donate $50 or more, you’ll receive either an SCVO water bottle or a commemorative “Opera On the River 2021” t-shirt, or both while supplies last!


St. Croix Valley Opera is a non-profit organization designed to produce high-quality musical art performances for the bright and vibrant local and regional east metro communities surrounding Stillwater, Minnesota. We provide educational, performance, and employment opportunities working in the performing arts.


Our ultimate vision is to establish the St. Croix Valley as a national music cultural center with a vibrant community of emerging and professional performing artists. We currently curate an ongoing regular season of Opera and Musical Theatre productions focused on offering local and regional talent the opportunity to

Be sure to read about our "By Special Request" fundraising concert below by our founders Megan Wagner and Obed Floan!

We hope to see you there!

And also check back here often during the month of November as we announce our upcoming 2022 season!

You can donate directly to us via the yellow button or on our GiveMN page via the GiveMN logo.

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By Special Request

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"By Special Request" is a first-of-its-kind fundraising concert featuring St. Croix Valley Opera's co-founders Obed Floan and Megan Wagner, pianist Nathan Cicero, and a special appearance by a Stillwater favorite, soprano Solveig Neseth. The event will be held at 7:30 p.m. on November 28, 2021, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, MN.

As we kicked off our Bridge to Growth fundraising season on the 1st of November, Obed and Megan took your song requests within the standard repertoire for a donation to perform them in this unique concert format. 

The concert will be live in person at Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, MN, as well as live-streamed for those who prefer to watch from home.

Tickets are now on sale for:

By Special Request

featuring Megan Wagner, Solveig Neseth, Obed Floan, and Nathan Cicero

Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 7:30 P.M.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Stillwater, MN

There are two ways to obtain your tickets:

  • To attend the concert IN PERSON at Trinity Lutheran Church on the 28th, get your tickets by following this button.

* Due to Trinity's COVID-19 protocols, there is limited capacity seating, and masks are required.

  • To watch FROM HOME, you will need to register for the live stream by following this button.



If you would like to volunteer for one of our
St. Croix Valley Opera​ events in our upcoming season, please check back here soon!


F R I E N D S   O F


Friends of SCVO is our NEW recurring monthly giving program, where you can partner with SCVO in providing a financially stable future for our ongoing operating budget, educational programming, and capital expenses.


Our operational foundation is KEY in sustaining the incredible growth that SCVO has experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although grants and fellowships are a central part of our overall organizational budget, many times these grants are programmatically focused and can solely be used on our artistic and performance efforts.  In addition, our next major addition to SCVO will be our educational programming, including the Summer Vocal Institute, and the main vocal competition preceding the annual “Opera on the River” weekend in August.

Here are a few of SCVO’s Operational/Educational/Capital Goals for the end of 2021:

* to upgrade our livestreaming technology to support large online events, classes, and concerts (March 2022)

* to acquire the resources and certifications necessary to launch SCVO’s formal education programs for emerging vocal artists (May 2022)

* for our director-level staff to go full-time exempt (Summer 2022)

* And to operate in a fiscally responsible way regarding SCVO’s ongoing monthly vendor, contractor, digital, and employment expenses.


Become a Friend of SCVO TODAY with a recurring monthly donation of $15 or more and receive these great season benefits:

* First notification for events and concert tickets
* VIP discount codes and/or seating with select concerts, both online and in-person

* Special ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with artists and performers

* A personalized thank you from our founders, Obed and Megan and more…

We do have plans in place for continued value for our Friends of SCVO as we move through this time of pandemic—so there will be future surprises to come! Remember, any donor who gives during the month of November for our “Bridge to Growth” Celebration Campaign will be added to our exclusive VIP list which gives you access to special select events throughout the year of gratitude, celebration, and, per SCVO standards, amazing music and community!


Thank you for becoming a Friend of SCVO—we look forward to our partnership over the next few years!